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Chamber of Commerce

Advertising agency registered in the chamber of commerce in the Autonome Province of Bolzano.

Purpose of the company: elaboration of offers, marketing tasks and realisation for tourist authorities, hotels and offer groups.

C-MTS – one access, one data input, one maintenance

This website is based on C-MTS, the content management system developed by MTS online GmbH www.mts-online.com, that makes manual data input in the website very easy. In addition, this system can be supplied with seekda data. Language switch is possible directly from the website. Relevant booking data have to be inserted once only and data can easily be transferred to other distribution channels. Texts and pictures can be individually inserted and edited. The C-MTS content management system has an interface with Google Analytics and is also connected to the Google Search Console. Moreover C-MTS influences the results of search engines. Part of C-MTS is also the booking manager of Seekda: one access, one data insertion, one maintenance. C-MTS is also available without seekda for a reasonable price. For more information visit www.c-mts.com.

Other products created by MTS Italia that have been integrated on this site are S-MTS and T-MTS tour archive. 

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MTS online GmbH www.mts-online.com has made every effort to ensure that the information contained in this web site is accurate. However, MTS Italia Ltd makes no warranty, either expressed or implied as to its preciseness, correctness and completeness.
MTS online GmbH www.mts-online.com is not responsible for the content of external web sites linked to its site by hyperlink. In case of slight negligence liability of the company and its staff is excluded. In case of culpable negligence the aggrieved party has to prove the average. Any liability of the agency regarding claims raised against the client, deriving from rendered services, are expressively excluded.

Personal data

Data made available by the client are protected according to art. 13 decree no. 196/2003. Owner of the processing of data is MTS online GmbH www.mts-online.com, company headquarter in 39030 Vandoies, Via Anton Peintner 4. MTS Italia and the customer are both restricted to stick to the applicable regulations in terms of data protection law. Data specific to the individual that are made accessible to MTS online GmbH www.mts-online.com in the frame of the contractual relationship, must only be applied to discharge the duties. Data access and transfer to third parties is illegal.


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The content and graphics of the MTS online GmbH www.mts-online.com website is protected by the copyright. A written permission of data is needed from MTS online GmbH www.mts-online.combefore reproducing data. This applies particularly to texts, text extracts and all graphic material.

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  • simple handling
  • intuitional data input
  • 100% responsive integration on the current website
  • shortest load time
  • comprehensive search function
  • tours can be classified
  • level of difficulty is marked with different colours
  • distance marker and altitude profile with gradient in %
  • possibility to download and print tours as pdf file
  • illustration of tours on street map, saltellite map, open country, detailled map, cycling and hiking paths, nature map, bus and train maps
  • street view
  • tour weather refreshed on a regular basis 
  • available in different languages
  • selected tours can be locked
  • tours can be unlocked by code after a completed booking
  • extension for secure server connections (https)

One data input - multiple publication

In the editor of T-MTS the tour supplier can easily insert all data and information relevant to a tour, including also highlights, that is to say waypoints. Tour information can be inserted in more languages and can be corrected or changed any time. The T-MTS backend provides an overview on the personal archives as well as tours that are still available. Very easy is also the creation of a new tour in more languages. By the way, once a tour is inserted it can be published on different sites.



tofisch I villa I verde Anton Peintner Str. Nr. 4 39030 Vintl Italy

Tel: +39 0472 869368

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